• Panasonic DMP-UB900

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Movies true to the director's vison with Ultra HD bluray.  

Ultra HD bluray reproduces images with cinema-lvel quality at home, using unique Panasonic technology to deliver images that are faithful to the original. By rasing video and audio quality, the UB900 invites you to experience an overwhelming new world of pictures and sounds.

Ultra HD Premium certified.

The new UB900 Ultra HD bluray player has successfully met the rigorous testing protocol set out by the UHD alliance, now joining the Ultra HD premium certified Viera DX902 televisions.

The UB900 sets a suitably premium tone right from the off, thanks to an eye-catchingly glamorous design and impressive build quality. The top plate has an appealing brushed metallic finish, while the fascia is fronted by a drop-down smoked-glass-effect cover that does a sharp job of hiding the UB900’s disc tray, along with front-mounted USB and SD card slots.

Overall, the UB900 presents a much more handsome face to the world than the slightly clumsy and plasticky look of Samsung’s K8500 deck. This, at least, explains some of the difference in price, though my in-depth tech overview later on explains the real reasons.

The SD card slot and USB port can be used for playing video, photo and music files through the UB900 on your TV/AV audio system, while connections on the deck’s rear include 7.1-channel analogue audio outputs and two HDMI outputs – one capable of delivering both pictures and sound to a TV; the other designed to ship audio only to a compatible AV receiver.

The main HDMI is built to the v2.0a HDMI specification, and if you want to experience the full picture quality potential the UHD BD format has to offer, you’ll need a TV equipped with v2.0a inputs.

The UB900’s HDMI sockets introduce one of the deck’s premium features. Panasonic's designed them so that if the deck detects audio being output through the secondary HDMI, it'll automatically turn off the audio part of the main HDMI output, reducing the potential for interference between the audio and video signals.


DIMENSIONS, WEIGHT Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] 435 x 68 x 199 mm *11
Weight [Approx.] 2.4 kg
Product Code: Panasonic DMP-UB900 3D 4K Blu-Ray Player

Panasonic DMP-UB900

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