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  • Marantz PM15S2

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The Marantz Amplifier PM-15S2 uses the latest generation of Marantz-own HDAM modules, as well as a top-down version of the PM-11S2’s Constant Current Feedback MM/MC phono stage, which vinyl fans will simply fall in love with.

The powerful Toroidal transformer of the Marantz Amplifier PM-15S2 delivers exceptionally high current values to instantaneously follow every dynamic and every detail of the music, while an additional CD direct input buffer ensures a completely unadulterated audio signal. In addition, the symmetrical circuit architecture, with system block shielding and independent left and right heat sinks, eliminates cross-channel interference for the clearest, most ‘visible’ of sound stages. One of the unit’s many convenience innovations is the special Power Amp Direct Mode, enabling you to use the Marantz Amplifier PM-15S2 as a pure power amplifier – useful when combining a high-quality AV System with an audiophile stereo set-up. Also, with rigid double layer chassis, aluminium front and side panels, and an additional bottom plate to minimise external noise, the Marantz Amplifier PM-15S2 is as solid as it gets. It all adds up to an extraordinarily high-quality stereo sound.

Available in Black only.

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Marantz PM15S2

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