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  • Marantz SA15S2

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The oversized Toroidal transformer inside the SA-15S2 generates the cleanest of power deliveries to eliminate component cross-contamination, while the highly-acclaimed Marantz Xyron mechanism, with solid aluminium housing, supports MP3 and WMA playback – without, of course, affecting its CD and SACD sound quality. The advanced Cirrus Logic bitstream CS4398 DAC heightens analogue performance and provides a choice of different digital filters. In addition, the analogue output stage makes use of the HDAM-SA2 module and selected components, and the headphone stage is equipped with a high-speed current buffer amp making it insensitive to the headphone when connected: hence noise is minimised and audio quality maximised. Another major benefit is the digital input, enabling you to connect a music server or a network audio client to take advantage of the high-quality DAC and the superior audio output stage.

Product Code: Marantz SA15S2

Marantz SA15S2

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