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Based on the “Best CD player under £800″ by “What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision?” the new CD6005 is a fine-tuned version with even more specially selected components. We also added a solid metal bottom-plate and centralised the CD mechanism. That is how, for example, we virtually eliminated vibration. In addition, the oversized power supply feeds the digital and analogue circuitry of the player, where the high-quality CS4398 DAC converts digital signals to analogue, this is then ‘pushed’ to the gold-plated synch outputs by Marantz’s own small signal amplifier, the HDAM-SA2. In addition, we have included a new remote that also controls the PM6005 amplifier. There is also a new ‘Low-power Stand-by’ and ‘Auto Stand-by’ mode to save electricity. Altogether, the CD6005 is a match made in heaven for the music lover who wants nothing but the best performance at an attractive price. One more thing: it is also perfect for lovers of portable music, thanks to its iPod-digital connectivity. Finnish in black or silver

Main Features
CD, CD-R/RW playback
USB-A input
Certified “Made for iPhone/iPod”
Support of WAV, MP3, AAC , WMA file playback via USB-A input
High quality 192kHz/24bit D/A conversion (CS4398) and accurate system clock
HDAM-SA2 circuitry on board for high quality audio
Customized audio components
Full discrete headphone amplifier

Product Code: Marantz CD6005

Marantz CD6005

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