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  • Panasonic TH-49ES500Z FHD SAT Smart

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Natural 6- Colour Reproduction and modern Smart Features

The ES500 series uses a bright panel and adaptive backlight dimming to produce beautiful picture quality with natural 6-Colour Reproduction in Full-HD. It also boasts great smart networking and content sharing features.


With 4K internet video streaming now supported by YouTube and NETFLIX, a wide variety of high-quality content is easily at your fingertips. The ES500 Series combines accessibility with the technology to deliver content at the premium level with ease. Choose from integrated apps like Lightbox, Netflix, and FreeviewPlus and stream the latest film and TV Shows directly through your TV.


Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months


Dimensions (W x H x D) (w/o stand)
1106 x 644 x 82 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (with stand)*10
1106 x 702 x 345 mm
Weight (w/o stand)
14.0 kg
Weight (with stand)
15.0 kg
Product Code: Panasonic TH-49ES500Z FHD SAT Smart

Panasonic TH-49ES500Z FHD SAT Smart

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