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Its very first product was a high-quality preamplifier designed to make the most of the then-new LP record format. And with a history stretching all the way to that ground-breaking Audio Consolette – which Saul B Marantz started manufacturing in 1952, and which soon became the first real Marantz product, the Model 1 preamplifier – it’s no surprise that the company’s very latest Premium Series model, the PM-10, is an integrated amplifier built to set new standards with all of today’s music formats.

In fact, this massively powerful integrated amplifier is constructed more like a high-end separate preamplifier and a pair of monobloc power amps, but all in one beautifully finished case, designed both to maximise performance and create a strong visual statement.


2 x 200W output RMS / 8 ohms, Flagship Integrated Amplifier, Fully balanced pre & power stages, HDAM modules in preamp stage, Dual mono power amp configuration, Double-layer chassis, 5mm lid,  Discrete MM/MC phono stage, High-purity copper speaker terminal

Product Code: Marantz PM10S1

Marantz PM10S1

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