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  • Image 411

The Image 411 is designed for medium size listening rooms and can be placed reasonably close to rear walls, although a little distance will improve the image depth. Although the design focus was on creating a small model for high quality 2-channel systems, the 411 is equally at home as a front/main speaker in surround sound applications. System type: 2.5-way, rear ported HF driver: Morel 28mm soft dome Bass/mid driver: Morel 14cm DPC cone Bass driver: Morel 14cm DPC cone Room response: 40Hz-22kHz Sensitivity: 89dB/1 watt Power rating: 140 watts Impedance: 6 ohms nominal Crossover: 280Hz and 2800Hz Dimensions(cm): 87 x 16 x 22 (h x w x d) Facilities: Bi-wire input terminals, 8mm brass floor spike

Product Code: Image 411

Image 411

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