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  • Image 414.2

Image has designed the 414.2 in a two and a half way configuration that offers higher sensitivity and higher power handling. The same driver used in the Image 412.2 is coupled with an identical unit to work in tandem in the low frequencies. This doubles the cone area for a more extended and authoritative bass response. The upper driver is then left to cover the critical midrange frequencies with the uppermost level of coherency and resolution. Of course the same hefty triple magnet tweeters raise the overall quality to an astonishing new level. It is in the tradition of the 414s predecessor that won a perfect five star award, that this version with significant technical improvements sets a new standard in its class. This model is designed for medium to large size rooms, and will best perform when positioned in free space and away from side walls and furnishings. This will ensure a well-spread soundstage and layered depth of field.

Product Code: Image 414.2

Image 414.2

  • Brand: Image
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