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  • Orbitsound M12 Soundbar Black


The M12 is Orbitsound's flagship airSOUND™ Soundbar . At only 60cm long, it is a lot more compact than many rivals, yet it delivers an uncompromising fully cinematic experience. Through 300W of power, and 9 loudspeakers (including 2 side firing airSOUND™ speakers), the M12 has the audio power and fidelity to transform your TV, Movie, Gaming and Music experience. At Orbitsound, we strive to achieve the best sound possible. The M12 is a no-compromise system, with the capability to fill large rooms with sound, whilst ensuring the finest detail of the music or soundtrack can be heard.


The M12 is designed to work seamlessly as a loudspeaker system for TV, home theatre, games and music, easily connected via the M12’s on-board Bluetooth, AUX and optical inputs. The AUX input allows a high quality connection to other devices such as legacy CD players or older music players. High quality optical and analogue connection cables are included in the box.


Dimensions (H x W x D)
90 x 600 x 100mm (soundbar)
220 x 220 x 340mm (sub)
Weight (in packaging)
Product Code: Orbitsound M12 Soundbar Black

Orbitsound M12 Soundbar Black

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