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After considering the options for transmission of digital audio PLINIUS have determined the benefits of Ethernet make this protocol the most suitable in capturing the potential of quality digital audio transmission. With advantages over USB and S/PDIF in areas of isolation, clock configuration, simplicity of design, cable lengths and multi-room capability, Ethernet was a clear choice in achieving the PLINIUS design goals, and also proves a platform that will be supported by future developments that are just around the corner. The function of the Tiki is to perform as a Network connected Digital to Analogue converter. As with all PLINIUS products, it is required to be a robust design that delivers premium performance. The foundation of the DAC is taken from the acclaimed CD-101 Compact Disc Player and while DAC capability is increasing, the Tiki DAC stage with a modest specification, delivers necessary features and exceptional performance. With a widely adopted 24 bit, 96ks/s capability, the Tiki offers a high definition above that of the standard Compact Disc, which at only 16bit, 44.1ks/s is already a reference quality source when done well. Popular files types such as FLAC, LPCM, AIFF and MP3 are all catered for. The control point for the Tiki is with mobile/wireless devices, communicating between the server that manages the library of audio files, and the Tiki that converts them to analogue audio. The Tiki marks PLINIUS desire to be part of the ongoing refinement of digital audio. At a time when the tools of digital audio are moving steadily toward becoming an accepted audiophile media, the PLINIUS Tiki will ensure nothing is lost in obtaining the most from this exciting new platform. Available in black or silver

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Plinius Tiki Network Audio Player

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