At the push of a single button, the window shades lower, a screen and a digital projector drop from the ceiling, the lights lower, and a digital video conference begins. Our team at Image Audio can transform your Board room, be it a low cost budget or a full on corporate installation it needs to look professional and be practical to operate. Utilizing proven products and clever design Image Audio can assure your presentation is seen and heard to the standard intended.
Video Conferencing is now more affordable than ever before with the use of HD cameras, screens, quality speakers and table top microphones we can ensure the whole team is involved.



From school assembly halls to the classroom we have a simple and cost effective system for you. Utilizing echo and feedback control we can ensure the message gets through. We understand the need to design a system with the end user in mind, with multiple users intuitive operation is important.




Few sound systems have as many challenges as those installed in modern houses of worship.
Image Audio have designed and installed a wide array of systems from the most traditional houses of worship to modern contemporary fellowships and many combinations in between. Broadcast, video production, multi-media applications, recording, and conferencing capabilities are now becoming the norm, making them important aspects you may want to consider.



From bone shaking to background music Image Audio prides itself on engineering reliable cost effective systems providing service and backup support. Using proven products such as JBL, QSC, DBX, SHURE, CROWN to name a few. Let us design an audio system to suit your space and excite your patrons.



Image Audio offers completely integrated commercial and home system solutions. Control lighting, shades, HVAC, security system, audio/video, and even your pool via a single interface. Through careful design and consideration of the specific needs of our clients, Image Audio will deliver an easy to use system consisting of well placed keypads, wireless controls, and touch panels for ease of operation of the buildings systems.