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  • KIMBER TIMBRE Ultraplate 0.75m

Like the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument, so is the performance of the Timbre interconnect: distinctly transparent, full bodied and harmonically complete. The Kimber Kable hallmarks of three dimensionality and precise image focus are immediately evident. The Timbre uses proven tri-braid field geometry and VariStrand, Hyper-pure copper conductors, along with a clear fluorocarbon dielectric.

At the heart of these connectors is the Ultraplate contact surface. The Ultraplate surface provides high conductivity, great durability, and is compatible with all other plating surfaces. The Ultraplate connector, which is precision machined out of solid metal stock, also features a solid fluorocarbon dielectric and split center pin for enhanced performance.

Also available in lengths of : 0.5M - $252.00, 1M - $292.00, 1.5M - $333.00, 2M - $373.00

Product Code: KIMBER TIMBRE Ultraplate 0.75m

KIMBER TIMBRE Ultraplate 0.75m

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