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  • Kimber TONIK Ultraplate 0.5m

Like the first tone of a scale, the KIMBER KABLE Tonik interconnect provides the foundation of truly accurate performance and value. Through the use of KIMBER KABLEs legendary tri-braid field geometry, Varistrandâ„¢, Ultra-pure copper conductors and our special recipe PE dielectric, the Tonik allows music to flow with power, smoothness, and harmonic richness. Tonik single-ended uses our Ultratikeâ„¢ RCA type connector. Features Tri-braid field geometry Varistrand, ultra-pure copper conductors Special recipe PE dielectric KIMBER KABLE Ultratike RCA


.75M - $168.00

1M - $179.00

1.5M - $200.00

2M - $222.00

Product Code: Kimber TONIK Ultraplate 0.5m

Kimber TONIK Ultraplate 0.5m

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