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  • KIMBER Mini BBUS CU 0.5M

KIMBER KABLE have developed a USB cable, designed to improve the performance of audio devices linked to your computer like the Meridian Explorer USB DAC or HRT MicroStreamer. The KIMBER USB cable uses large copper conductors 22 awg and 28 awg (Traditional USB cable 26 awg and 32 awg) – the largest possible under USB specifications, and the signal conductors are plated with an unusually thick (6.1%) silver plating to enhance conductivity and signal support. This combination has allowed KIMBER to stream 24/192 data over their USB cable with zero loss, even up to lengths of 5.0m. 1 M $126.00 2 M $165.00

Product Code: KIMBER Mini BBUS CU 0.5M


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