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  • Classe CAM600

Performance first The original Delta series amplifiers won more than critical acclaim. Elite audio professionals use them to master music and movies that the whole world has enjoyed. Our newest amplifiers are even better. Objectively, pure technical measurements prove they deliver our highest performance ever. Subjectively, they simply blow audiences away. The Classe design team has created the ultimate environment toamplify an audio signal. The entire amplification process occurs ona single board, creating the most direct and transparent signal pathconceivable. Our uniquely miniaturized driver stage is virtually noise free, so every nuance of the original signal reaches the output stage. Here, vast quantities of clean power are controlled with absolute precision. Suddenly, the world’s finest speakers sound even better. Performance fast There is a relationship between temperature and performance but it is widely misunderstood. Audiophiles say that optimal performance is obtained when an amplifier is “warmed up,” but what does this actually mean? When is it warm enough and when is it too warm? The exposed heatsink fins found on conventional amplifiers are passive. They can’t help circuits reach their ideal temperature or keep them there throughout a listening session. They run at a temperature wholly defined by their environment and how loud they are playing. This can be far from ideal. Heat management in the Classe new Delta series amplifiers is providedby the ICTunnelâ„¢ (pronounced Icy Tunnel), a sensor- and microprocessor- controlled technology inspired by the heatsinks found in high-power laser and medical equipment. Mounted inside the unit, the ICTunnelâ„¢ actively regulates the amplifier temperature to ensure both optimum performance and reliability. From room temperature, the amplifiers warm up fast. They reach their ideal temperature in less than fifteen minutes and remain there regardless of how hard they are driven. No conventional heatsink can do this. In a Class by itself Ground-breaking performance, prodigious power, sophisticated controland rock-steady reliability—The Classe new Delta series is a giant leap in amplifier design. Thanks to exclusive ICTunnelâ„¢ and audio technologies, only Classe amplifiers can consistently deliver top performance and reliability in every installation Frequency response 1 Hz - 100 kHz, -3dB Output power 600W rms into 8Ω (27.8 dBW) 1200W rms into 4Ω (27.8 dBW) Harmonic Distortion <0.002% at 1 kHz balanced <0.004% at 1 kHz single ended Peak Output Voltage 226V peak to peak, 80V rms no load 206V peak to peak, 73V rms into 8Ω Input Impedance 50kΩ balanced / single ended Voltage gain 29dB balanced / single ended Input level at clipping 2.86V rms balanced / single ended Intermodulation Distortion >100dB below fundamental into 8Ω balanced / single ended >90dB below fundamental into 4Ω balanced / single ended Signal to Noise Ratio -120dB at peak output into 8Ω Measurement Bandwidth: 22 kHz Output impedance 0.03Ω @ 1 kHz Standby power consumption < 1W Rated power consumption 440W @ 1/8th power into 8Ω Width 17.5 (444mm) Depth 17.52 (445mm) Height 8.78 (223mm) Gross weight 100 lb (45.4 kg) Net weight 88 lb (39.9 kg) Mains voltage Specified on rear panel

Product Code: Classe CAM600

Classe CAM600

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