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  • Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3

The 804 D3 is a traditional-looking floorstanding speaker featuring cutting edge technology. The ultra-rigid cabinet plays host to a Diamond Dome tweeter, Continuum cone midrange and Aerofoil bass drivers. All of these come together to generate room filling, highly detailed performance. Design Matrix Bracing is essential in keeping a speaker stable, so the character of instruments comes through cleanly. Developed using computer modelling and constructed from wood ply with metal reinforcement, Matrix offers the ultimate in bracing. Continuum cone The Continuum cone delivers pristine midrange performance by effectively negating the break-up behaviour that can adversely effect this all-important part of the spectrum. Technology Aerofoil cone The Aerofoil cone’s variable thickness provides added strength where it is needed to maintain its pistonic shape, delivering rock sold bass. Diamond Dome Tweeters Incredibly light, yet unbelievably rigid, Diamond is the ultimate tweeter material. Delivering the most revealing, natural treble you will ever hear. Technical features - Diamond Tweeter - Anti-resonance plug - Continuum Cone FST - Aerofoil cone bass units - Flowport - Optimised Matrix - Solid body tweeter

Tweeter on top Height - 1019mm Width - 238mm Depth - 345mm Weight - 33kg

Colours - Real wood veneers: Rosenut Painted finish: Gloss Black Satin White.

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Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3

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