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  • Monitor Audio Climate 50 O/D Speakers

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Outdoor Speakers, 5", 80W, (Pair)

The Monitor Audio CL50 is a two-way satellite speaker housing a single 5" C-CAM bass driver and a 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeter. The C-CAM tweeter and bass/mid-range drivers are designed to capture the detailed highs and dynamic lows of every performance. Developed and refined by Monitor Audio over many years for accurate reproduction and robust reliability, C-CAM is an innovative alloy originally conceived by the aerospace industry for use in jet engines.

Mounted at either end of each CL cabinet is a heavy duty bracket, designed for 175º of horizontal or vertical rotation in small non-slip increments. Magnetic end caps protect the bracket terminals top and bottom, and make the process of re-positioning easy. Once installed, a CL speaker can be directed precisely for the maximum musical effect. For added flexibility a supplied installation wedge advances the angle of rotation by a further 15º to extend the choice of firing angles.

Both the bracket and optional wedge allow you to run a cable through rather than around them for easier and neater installation.

You can rely on Monitor Audio's meticulous engineering to protect the CL models from weather ingress. Their solid, sealed, high density polypropylene enclosures are specially treated to resist moisture and the effects of prolonged UV exposure. Aluminium grilles and rugged brackets are naturally equipped to prevent rust.

Sound quality is further optimised for the open environment through the use of an additional sealed ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) to enrich low frequencies with extra punch.

  • External Dimensions: (H x W x D) 285 mm x 172.5 mm x 158.5 mm
  • Weight Packaged: kg 3.66


Product Code: Monitor Audio Climate 50 O/D Speakers

Monitor Audio Climate 50 O/D Speakers

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