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  • Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre and PV1 Sub MT-60D

If you're looking for uncompromising cinema sound that fits easily into your life, look no further than our flagship Mini Theatre system. The MT-60D system twins M-1 speakers with the stunning power and control of a PV1D subwoofer to create a sound that will keep you gripped, right up until the final frame. The versatile M-1 satellite provides all five speakers in this surround system, providing a full-range, coherent and cohesive sound from the front to the back of the sound stage. The M-1 is also compact and discreet enough to fit into relatively small spaces. The M-1 loudspeaker knits perfectly with the PV1D subwoofer, which thanks to its opposed drive unit configuration, high-quality amplification and advanced Digital Signal Processing to provide dynamic, deep, incredibly agile bass. All these elements come together to produce a seamless, highly-engaging surround sound performance. Specifications Model: MT-60D Satellites: 5 x M-1 Subwoofer: PV1D Finishes: Matte Black/Matte White Subs in packs are in black

Product Code: Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre and PV1 Sub MT-60D

Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre and PV1 Sub MT-60D

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