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  • Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus

Now recognised as a design classic, the original Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus is not just our flagship product, but the very pinnacle of technological innovation to which all others must aspire. It is the result of a groundbreaking, five year research and development programme to achieve, as near as possible, the perfect loudspeaker. The B&W Nautilus has been greeted worldwide as an outstanding loudspeaker which will shape the direction of the audio industry well into the new millennium. Already sought after by cognoscenti, it has been unashamedly designed with the serious audiophile in mind, not only because of its size and shape but also because of its active design - the crossover network is positioned between the pre and power amplifiers. This means that a full Nautilus system needs one stereo pre-amplifier and eight monobloc or four stereo power amplifiers per pair (amplifiers of 100 watts upwards are recommended, with 500 watts being the optimum for the low frequency drive unit). Nautilus Technical Features Nautilusâ„¢ tube loading Active crossover Description 4-way tube-loaded loudspeaker system Drive units 1x 300mm (12 in) aluminium cone bass 1x 100mm (4 in) aluminium/polymer sandwich cone lower midrange 1x 50mm (2 in) aluminium dome upper midrange 1x 25mm (1 in) aluminium dome high-frequency Frequency range -6dB at 10Hz and 25kHz Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz ±1dB on reference axis Dispersion Within 2dB of response on reference axis Horizontal: over 60º arc Vertical: over 10º arc Crossover frequencies 220Hz, 880Hz, 3.5kHz Power amplifier requirements 4 channels per speaker, rated 100W - 300W continuous into 8Ω on unclipped programme (each channel to have identical gain and phase) Dimensions Height: 1210mm (47.6 in) Width: 430mm (16.9 in) Depth: 1105mm (43.5 in) Net weight Speaker: 44.5kg (98 lb) Plinth: 42kg (92 lb) Total: 86.5kg (190 lb) Finish Midnight Blue Silver. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING

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Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus

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