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  • Bowers & Wilkins CT8 XO MK2

Bowers & Wilkins | Active Crossover/Equaliser CT8 XO Mk2

Pulling all the CT800 elements together is the rack-mount CT8 XO active crossover/equaliser. One is included with each Front, Centre and Surround speaker. Designed to the standards of high-end audiophile electronics, the CT8 XO incorporates midrange/bass/subwoofer crossover filtering, remote control of surround dispersion mode, high- and low-frequency level adjustment, and three parametric equalisers to enable compensation for low-frequency speaker/room interface effects. Either balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA Phono input and output connections are available.

Technology is nothing without control and the CT8 XO provides control to mould the Nautilus™-inspired CT800 speakers to fit almost any viable high-end custom install scheme. The combination of CT8 XO and CT800 speakers brings custom install to new levels. You can customise the room, you can customise the furniture, now you can customise the acoustics.

Product Code: Bowers & Wilkins CT8 XO MK2

Bowers & Wilkins CT8 XO MK2

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